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Feelingkindablue.ning.com is a social networking site established to serve those living with depression, anxiety, grief, emotional pain, and other mental illnesses. The mission is to reduce social isolation by making connections through experience sharing. Originally founded in St Louis, Missouri, members are able to share their everyday experiences, on good days and on bad. Members chat, create blogs, join groups, share artwork, music, and photos or sometimes they just observe. It's about connecting!

The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) has recognized Feelingkindablue.ning.com with the Association’s esteemed Excellence Award for Innovative Programming. “This program was selected due to the creative use of a social media site, effectively reaching out to young adults ages 18-28, providing support to individuals with mental health needs and the work they do in preventing suicide,” explains Pat Morris, LMHC, CDP and Crisis Centers Division Chair on the AAS Board of Directors.

Provident, Inc. is a non-profit agency located in St. Louis County.

Our Vision: A St. Louis community in which mental health services are accessible to all, especially the most vulnerable and under-served.

Our Mission: Helping individuals and families to a brighter future through counseling, suicide prevention and intervention, and community support programs.

Our History: Founded in 1860 by James Yeatman, Provident has taken action to address societal problems resulting from economical and emotional stress. Over time, we have provided families with hope and haven been able to build a stronger community. Our vision today is rooted in the same values that started our journey over 156 years ago. Individuals and families, young and old are struggling with mental and behavioral health conditions. It’s a journey to help individuals and families to a brighter future.

Life Crisis Services, a division of Provident, Inc., is a 24/7 suicide and crisis intervention hotline, staffed by extensively trained crisis workers and mental health professionals. Life Crisis Services are responsible for website content and for monitoring the site 24/7 and are available at 1-866-728-7983.

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