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what has happened

I feel as though I am losing and may have lost this fight. I have no fight in me .I can't even find the strength to get out to my medicine wheel for the eclipse. What has happenened to me. Please someone take away this pain.

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If you or anyone you know is suffering from alcoholism, seek professional help. If you are close to, in a relationship with, or know someone who is within such a relationship with an alcoholic, please, seek professional help. Friends and family may coddle or even get angry about the situation, which doesn't help and can push things even further into destruction. Encourage the addict to get professional help. Encourage those close to them to get professional help.

AA and…


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Letting go is hard to do.

I have accepted that my wife and I will never get back together. With how things are with her addiction and how she shifts the blame back onto me, I don't want to get back together with her. I am also conflicted with this desire to help her. I don't want her to go down that road of alcoholism, which she's already been on for far too long.

I don't know if there is anything that could make her see just what her drinking has done to her, her relationships, and her child. I'm not a…


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A girl from over the pond

This has been a very long and perplexing three weeks. Some one I care about is returning from a European vacation. I have had very little contact with this person, which has hurt to say the least. I hope to know more of where I stand once she returns. 

Last night I spent some good ole time with an old friend. We actually use to play guitars at various locales. Nice bon fire, cocktails, and jamming was good for the soul, indeed. 

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Am I helpable

Who ever said life would be easy. Life would not be good if it were so easy.In order to grow spiritually there are lessons to be learnt thru the challenges life brings. If there were no challenges in life there would be no lessons to overcome and learn. Your spirit can remain stuck. I am grateful for all the challenges and hardships, and heartaches Ihave encountered in this life. They have helped me to learn and grow spiritually. All I have experienced has shaped me and made me who I am…


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fakeing out............I thought I was holding it all together and being really strong this week.......

All it took was the cold shoulder from him and Boom back to sobbing........

I keep saying that this is the last time im going to let him hurt me.I dont know how to shut my feelings down. I hate him so much. I haver done EVERYTHING as dr. Phill says. I have gone to 2 marriage Councillors, My own counselling, done this and done that, tried to talk it out.. its all complete b******* with him, because he goes right back to doing the same thing....Broken promise and complete con…


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I had a rough day today.  Lots of anxiety and stress. My physical health is not that good at the moment and I struggle with my limitations. How much do I fight through the pain and when is it ok to rest? I have a hard time resting without feeling guilty or like a failure. I'm not going to my meditation class tomorrow because I'm not feeling well, and that makes me feel badly about myself. Like I should somehow try harder and do better. I know logically I can only do so much, but I just feel…


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so depressed where i dont want to do nothing im depressed to the point where i want to cut where i feel no hope but sadness i want to feel numb in a sense i think of my thoughts that run through my head and all i say why me why am i like this why do i have to be so fucken crazy and hopless where i just want to give up. :(

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Tired of being alone

I feel like I'm payi g for someone else's actions. I feel so alone, why can't I find someone who will want me for me. Seems like everyone acts like they have life all figured out. I did the best I could with what I had and yet I still got hurt. Every woman. I meets plays me, makes me think I actually found somthing and pulls the rug from beneath my feet and I'm left thinking about the hurt again and all the s*** I been through. What is wrong with me? Am I ugly? I'm so tired of being treated… Continue

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  Why is it that being alone makes me more depressed?  I was alone all day and part of the night and I started thinking about my triggers.  I realize being alone is at the top of the list, second would be boredom, and lastly as weird as it sounds eating depresses me.  The third is the weirdest, because I eat when I get depressed, but then I get even more depressed.  I guess it is a step forward because I can identify my triggers.  The next step is to figure out how to deal with them. and how…


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Back to Basics

I have been thinking, when I first awake what is the first thing that enters my conscience mind? For me it is the same issue that has been inundating my thoughts for the past few weeks. I have given up way too much emotional space to one thing, which, in the case of recovery, has strained any sense of well being. Today, I am going back to basics. Taking one moment at a time and consciously deploying techniques, which will aide to a fulfilled mindset and emotional stability.        

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Yesterday, when I went to pick up my step son from school, I spoke to his teacher and his counselor about what was happening and expressed my concerns about my wife's alcoholism. She's been borrowing money to make bills, but I know that she hasn't been paying those bills. I know that she's been spending that money on booze and frivolous clothing for herself. When I saw my step son, he was wearing clothes he outgrew months ago. She hasn't been buying him new clothes.

I know why she…


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How do I use the main chat?

Looking to chat with everyone. I don't know how.

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Putting it out there

This is what I wrote, yesterday;

Hi, Karina, I was wondering if you could help me out. I am kind of dwelling on where you and I stand and how your trip has effected our relationship. I will just be blunt and ask you if you plan on breaking up with me when you get back? The unknowing and suspense is driving me a little insane. If you do I will understand but not knowing is the hardest part. Deleting our conversation last week was just a way for me to let you go and enjoy your trip…


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Blind Spots

I am so tired right now, so, please, excuse any ramblings. I'm experiencing a bout of melancholy as I'm coming down the other side of some anxiety. Yep, it was anxiety and not allergies. lol. The fortunate thing is that it was anxiety induced by a lack of sleep, which took a simple "How much sleep have you gotten?" to help me realize where the increased anxiety was coming from. Big thanks to Kelley for being insightful and asking me that one simple question. I didn't get much more sleep last…


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Feeling lost

6 months ago my ex, somone I loved and cherished broke up with me after cheating on me with random men. She took everything from me and left me on the streets after I stood by her durring her weight loss surgery. Now I'm alone, she with a new man and I'm left trying to pick up the pieces to my life. I'm tryi h to date again and nobody will hive me a chance, now I'm starting to think maybe I deserved what my ex did to me. I've had a very rough life, I've been on my own since I was 11, I've face… Continue

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My son just turned 4 today and started preschool today as well..... I have been down lately, ok I have been down for awhile now. My current relationship has been in a rut lately.....My partner has ignored my request to go to couples counseling, instead he says we are fine and just need to spend more time together.  I have decided I will go to counseling alone and if it tears us apart so be it.  I have been in tears all day and I just don't know if I have reached my breaking point or if…


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Anxious and Overwhelmed

Man, I am feeling it this morning. A level of anxiety of the unknowing that can only be described as "uncomfortable." I have to question myself and ask; why am I letting this (Karina) affect me so? My only answer, I feel it can be blamed on an obsessive mind. I let things enter the foils of thought, which, combined with a dash of OCD, renders my cognitive abilities to become cluttered and confused. These confusions and obsessive thought patterns make it difficult to concentrate at the task…


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The New Girl

I called a suicide hotline today. This kind spirit on the other end of the phone introduced me to Feeling Kinda Blue.

I come with what feels like a tangible, heavy weight on my chest. And you know that uncomfortable big ol'lump in the throat? Got it. It's as if my world is becoming smaller and smaller... dimmer and dimmer. I've had depressive episodes where I felt completely helpless and hopeless, but never has it felt so final.I'm tired of fighting. My body is tired. My brain is… Continue

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A HSP is a Highly Sensitive Person.

 Someone who can walk into a room and know something is off. Someone who gets their feelings hurt easily, is am Empath  and can feel vibes or energy. Debbie Lyn grace has a great program for it its kind of expensive if you can afford it. 297 is the lowest price.  you can make 2 payments of 167. Thats literally double the price of what my life coach used to charge. if there was a satisfaction garuentee or something if its stuff you already…


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