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  Why is it that being alone makes me more depressed?  I was alone all day and part of the night and I started thinking about my triggers.  I realize being alone is at the top of the list, second would be boredom, and lastly as weird as it sounds eating depresses me.  The third is the weirdest, because I eat when I get depressed, but then I get even more depressed.  I guess it is a step forward because I can identify my triggers.  The next step is to figure out how to deal with them. and how…


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Sweating Bullets

   It has been 3 weeks since my Fateful Friday, and I have had a song banging around in my head ever since.  It is an older song from back when I was Young, Dumb, and Reckless.  The song is "Sweating Bullets", and it is by Megadeath.  I find it very interesting when I apply the lyrics to my personal life it almost fits.  It's been a long time since I heard the song, so I looked up the lyrics and they are not quite the way I remember, so I'm going to…


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I attempted suicide, before doing so I thought about how my actions would affect my family and friends.  I thought about how I would not be there to walk my daughters down the asile at their weddings.  I thought about how I would not get to see the men that my sons will become.  I thought about how I would never get to hold my future grandchildren.  I thought about all the plans my wife and I would not be able complete.  I thought about how my parents would have to deal with the death of…


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Odd thoughts that run through my head

I was told that telling my story will help me heal, so here we go.  I've always been a hard working general labor type of guy until almost 4 years ago, when working at a job I bent over and felt explosions go of in my back.  I had ruptured some disk in the small of my back.  The pain was excruciating, but I got up and muscled through. The next day I got up and could hardly get my boots on, so I went to the ER and started the path to recovery.  Unfortunately Surgery is not an option.  Days…


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