Man, I am feeling it this morning. A level of anxiety of the unknowing that can only be described as "uncomfortable." I have to question myself and ask; why am I letting this (Karina) affect me so? My only answer, I feel it can be blamed on an obsessive mind. I let things enter the foils of thought, which, combined with a dash of OCD, renders my cognitive abilities to become cluttered and confused. These confusions and obsessive thought patterns make it difficult to concentrate at the task at hand. Simple tasks can become overwhelming and problematic. For example; cleaning my home. Why is it so difficult to make a simple task such a chore? Mainly, I think, the problem is thinking to much of things I have no control over such as, Karina.  I obsess over her. What is she doing and with whom? I have to recognize what the hell I am thinking and why is it causing me such grief keeping in mind that I have pre-existing issues that help clutter and influence my thoughts not always in a good way. Thoughts that if I don't recognize and care for will consume my every thought or in so many cases actions. Well, in the case of keeping things simple I will make my blogs shorter and more to the point. Things I will work on today; Let the fuuck go, accept things I have no control over, work harder at my employment. Keep looking for someone to share my thoughts and dreams with (more age appropriate). Good day for now :  )

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Comment by Bashooku on August 17, 2017 at 8:03pm
You're a damn strong person and it reflects in your introspection.


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