This is what I wrote, yesterday;

Hi, Karina, I was wondering if you could help me out. I am kind of dwelling on where you and I stand and how your trip has effected our relationship. I will just be blunt and ask you if you plan on breaking up with me when you get back? The unknowing and suspense is driving me a little insane. If you do I will understand but not knowing is the hardest part. Deleting our conversation last week was just a way for me to let you go and enjoy your trip without me interfering, that is all. I meant no harm and apologize for acting immature. Please get back with me. I figure I will get to see you at the bus stations so I have that to look forward to. Enjoy the rest of your stay and I hope to hear from you soon...Scott 

Her response;

"I am not going to break up with you. I was the one worried you might do that to me. But I am not going to do that."

My reaction;

Then why the fuuck are you not contacting me? even to say hello or fucck off? Anything. She will be in Belgium soon to visit her fucck buddy so I have that to dwell on for the next several days, which is making me just a bit insane.  Am I wrong to care? Why do I really give a shiit? Obviously, I have a lot of questions. It would be nice to just accept the situation and move the fuuck on. 

I need advice, so let me have it...Scott

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